Margaret Bigelow










Margaret has been a familiar face in the direct mail industry since 1993.  She spent her first 5 years at one of eastern Ontario’s largest mail houses.  There, she had the opportunity to absorb how a direct mail project comes together, how data processing works, learn the capabilities of the various pieces of equipment in the lettershop and, what it takes to make the process run efficiently – from receiving door to Canada Post.

She also spent close to 20 years at Good Works Communications as Senior Logistics Specialist managing the production of (ok, some say she was the ‘whip-cracker’!) nearly every type of direct mail package imaginable!   She has also facilitated legacy mailings, telemarketing campaigns, mastered list work and managed trade files for different organizations. Above all, she prides herself on keeping costs down for clients and getting the campaigns out on time.

Margaret is a natural helper, doer and volunteer. She was an active CMA Ottawa Board member and, she spent several years on the organizing committees for AFP Ottawa’s Philanthropy Awards and Fundraising Day.

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